Welcome to a brooklyn homeschool!

I’m Jeanine, homeschooling mom to Ethan (2012) and Lillian (2014).  We live in Park Slope, Brooklyn with my husband, Seth.

Our homeschool mission is to raise children capable of and comfortable with independent thinking, who develop a deep appreciation for and a love of life and who eagerly celebrate their successes and failures as they chase their dreams.

Before homeschooling, I was a public school teacher (Kindergarten and 1st Grade) in Manhattan.  I now feel passionately that education does not have to happen in school and although we definitely eased our way into homeschooling, I am now fully committed to our “rogue” lifestyle.  Going against the grain is not easy and I hope to build a community through this blog.

For me the biggest hurdle to homeschooling was believing that this beautiful lifestyle was not just for other people.  I’d love to show others that this type of life is possible, no matter where you live.  Our homeschool is entirely our own blend of a mix of existing philosophies.  We love and are inspired by Montessori, forest schooling, classical education, self-directed learning and unschooling.  One of my favorite things to do is to read to my children.

Here is what you can find on the blog…

  • Our Journey of Home Education
  • Local Spotlights on Homeschool Friendly Places and Activities
  • Recommendations of Children’s Books and Printable Booklists
  • A Look at our Family Rhythms
  • Information on Finding Nature in a City
  • Information on Homeschooling in a Small Space as well as Urban Homeschooling
  • Legal Aspects of Homeschooling in NYC
  • Inspirational Resources

Thank you so much for visiting and please feel free to reach out to contact me!  I love to meet fellow homeschoolers and hear about their journey.



P.S. I will, from time to time, use affiliate links to share about books and other homeschooling resources on this blog that either I or my children really use and love.  It is no cost to you for using them and Amazon provides affiliates with a tiny proceed from any sales from affiliate links.