Seasonal Homeschool Prep

One way I love to keep homeschooling magical and special is to include special learning experiences for seasons and holidays.  It’s extra work for me but to be honest I love it and the kids do too!

Each year in August I check around online for resources.  Then I print, laminate and cut anything I want to use for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas.  This way when the busy-ness of fall is upon us I have everything organized and ready to go.

Seasonal/ Holiday Resources

I absolutely love using the monthly and seasonal guides from Meghann, creator of Rooted Childhood!

Here is a link to see her guides:

Each guide comes with poems, recipes, songs, finger plays, book lists and crafts.  Using her guides, we have created so many beautiful decorations for our home that I will always treasure.

I also love the Montessori seasonal or holiday bundles that are advertised on Instagram this time of year.  I have a few from Every Star is Different that we love!  I also love that any work that I take time to print and laminate for Ethan can be re-used for Lillian.

My kids also love the holiday printables from The Moffat Girls at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Again, I love that whatever I purchase for Ethan can be reused for Lillian.


I also always make a list of any crafty supplies that we will need and put in an order either to Oriental Trading or Michaels.

I also love Pinterest for hands-on learning activities!  We still love sensory bins and fine motor work even at 7.5 and 6 years old!

Are you a holiday homeschooler too?  Or do you stick to your regular routine?

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